Product tour issues

Issue Faced
The product tour has issues that need to be fixed

Steps to Recreate

  1. Access PWS
  2. Upload a file and go through the full iframe journey
  3. Check email and click on the link
  4. Follow product tour on SparkLite

Expected Behaviour

- Step 3 of product tour: the API endpoint should show within the focused area
- Step 4 of product tour: the focused area should be limited to the API tester 2 blocs
- Step 8 of product tour: the text should say ‘check out’ instead of ‘check our
- Step 9 of product tour: the tour should allow user to navigate to the next steps

Supporting Documents (Images, Screenshots, Videos, References)

Hi Maxence!

Thank you for reporting your issue. We have moved this along to the team and they are working on fixing this for you. I will get back as soon as it is fixed.