Intercom display without background

Issue Faced
Intercom chatbot displays without a background.

Steps to Recreate

  • Land on PWS
  • Interact with the chatbot
  • Enter your email
  • Receive an answer

Expected Behaviour
The Intercom chatbot should display the chat within a box that has a background.

Supporting Documents (Images, Screenshots, Videos, References)

Hey @maxence.le.corre which device are you testing on? I can’t seem to replicate the issue.

Hey @Dom
It was on my Macbook. It appeared that way when I came back on the page after leaving it for a while. Wondering if that was just an exception.

Hi Maxence,

The team was unable to reproduce this issue. We recommend you try to find it on a few different devices over the next three days. Please let us know if you see it again!

I will kindly close this issue in 5 days if no other reply is received.