Header on the Public Website doesn't render/resize correctly

Issue Faced
On my laptop (MacBook Air, screen size 1300px, Safari) the header on the PWS doesn’t render and resize correctly. ‘Help Center’ is wrapped into 2 lines and there is no margin between the SparkLite logo and the edge of the screen on the left-hand side.

When resizing, the ‘Help Center’ doesn’t move into the hamburger menu.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Go to the PWS
  2. Decrease the screen width until you reach the mobile view

Expected Behaviour

  1. There should be correct padding on the left and the right, and the menu items should be centered. ‘Help Center’ should be in 1 line.
  2. The ‘Help Center’ should move into the hamburger menu when decreasing the screen size.

Supporting Documents (Images, Screenshots, Videos, References)

Hi Susanne!

Thank you for reporting your issue. We have moved this along to the team and they are working on fixing this for you. I will get back as soon as it is fixed.