Erratic display of scrollbar based on screen width

Issue Faced
The iframe hero section of the PWS erratically displays a scrollbar depending in the screen width. Which results in a duplication of scroll bars on the right-hand side of the screen.

Steps to Recreate
Land on PWS from a desktop/laptop and resize the screen width
Land on PWS from a mobile device

Expected Behaviour
No extra scrollbar should be displayed—unless it serves a purpose.

Supporting Documents (Images, Screenshots, Videos, References)

Hi Maxence!

Thank you for reporting your issue. We have moved this along to the team and they are working on fixing this for you. I will get back as soon as it is fixed.


Hi Maxence,

We have fixed this issue and you should now be able to continue without this blocker. Please run a quick test on your end and let us know if there are any other concerns.

I will kindly close this issue in 5 days if no other reply is received.