Customized API Label is not reflected on Sparklite API page

Issue Faced
API Label changed in upload is not reflected on Sparklite.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Upload a spreadsheet
  2. Change the API label
  3. Check the correct name is applied in the email received
  4. See that the name is not reflected correctly on Sparklite in the heading.

Expected Behaviour
The API Label name which is input by the user should be reflected on the API page.

Supporting Documents (Images, Screenshots, Videos, References)

Bug has been raised and prioritised.

Hey Daniel,

Setting up the API label is set during the upload process, and it is currently during the publish process, that the user customises the label. Hence why the original label is being considered.

In order to change this behaviour we would have to allow the user to set the label during the upload process. As such we’d have to modify the user journey.

We decided that we will instead manage this once the upload is handled on the SparkLite UI.

Let me know if this is okay, otherwise I will close this ticket within 5 days.