Call returning #Err on Nodegen Compiler Type

Issue Faced
I have uploaded a file with some hideous index match and vlookups to Sparklite. When I run the file it works fine, but then I change the drop down to another location and it returns an #Err message in the response fields.
If I load the API on Postman and change “NodeGen” to “Type3” it works fine.

Steps to Recreate
Try this API: SparkLite
Change the drop down input to another location
See the #Err message

Steps to make it work:
Load the cURL in Postman
Change the compiler_type to “Type3”
See it work

Expected Behaviour
Should calculate as normal.

Supporting Documents (Images, Screenshots, Videos, References)

Hi DM!

Thank you for reporting your issue. We have moved this along to the team and they are working on fixing this for you. I will get back as soon as it is fixed.



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Here’s the source file

Lunch Location Generator.xlsx (10.9 KB)

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